Tuesday, 29 July 2014

DIY overalls from pants/jeans

Recently i have seen many people rocking a pair of overalls. They can be chic if worn properly. I thought about making one. It is a really easy DIY. You just have to have an inspiration about how you would like your overalls to look like. Mine was this:

Items needed:

1. One size larger pants/jeans.
2. Thread.
3. Needle.
4. Sewing machine.
5. Cute buttons. (optional)

I had already made shorts out of the jeans i used in this project so i had the shorts part and the remaining 2 leg parts. A little sewing knowledge is needed for this DIY.


1. Wear your jeans/pants. 
2. Mark how short you want your shorts to be. Add 1" for hemming if you want. I personally hemmed it, it gave my overalls a really nice polished look.
3. Cut and hem.

Now to make it a overall the steps should be as followed:

1. Open up the seams of one leg completely and cut a rectangle out of it first of your desired length (front). Cut bigger than needed as you can always make it smaller but don't cut too much because you will be using the left-over portion from this leg part to make its back.

This is my rectangle that i cut and it will be my front piece.
 2. The 2nd step will be of 2 parts: 

  • To sew this rectangle to the shorts. I actually used invisible stitches to sew these two together. If you don't know how to do that then use normal stitches or sewing machine.
  • Try it on and sew the sides in whatever shape you think looks the best on you.

Invisible stitches looks the best i think because you can't see them :D but its a matter of preference.
3. Now sew the left-over rectangle-ish piece to the back of the shorts And again find a shape you like the best (for sides). and sew it on place. 
This time i used a sewing machine for sides (both front and back).
Hemmed/sewed side edges.
 4. Now with the other leg part sew 2 straight lines of the same width and cut it out in the middle like this: 
These are to make the tubes so make sure you make them of the same width. 
And roll them out to make 2 tubes.
Find out the size which works for you. The tube i made were 1.5" wide each.

4. Again wear you half-made overalls and place the tubes over the front and back. If you like what you see, then pin them on place.

I literally pinned them ;D
  5. And then sew them on place.
Back of my overall.
 I further added 2 cute buttons to the front.

Is it just me or does it look like an animal? :O
 This is how my overalls looked. I just added a belt. :D
Animal? anyone?
I absolutely love them. They didn't turned out like my inspiration but it works for me :D I actually prefers this one over the one that inspired me (maybe 'cause i put a lot of hard work in it :D).

I hope you guys liked this :) Comment if you need any help :)
Thanks for reading :)


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lace cardigan (Easy)

I am a big fan of pinterest. It has everything you can ask for. :D I once saw this lace cardigan and instantly fell in love with it <3

The one i saw.

 It looks so feminine and comfortable but it was quite price-y so i thought about making one. I found this beautiful lace and thought it would be perfect for my DIY project. The fabric has a bit of stretch to it so it might be difficult for a beginner to sew.

 My friend deleted all images so i have none to show you how i actually made it. T_T But i will try my best to tell you how i made it :)

My version.

1. First of all i took my measurements, let-
  • Sleeve length - a"
  • Arm hole (it should be not too tight or loose) - b"
  • Length of cardigan - c"
  • Shoulder to shoulder - d"
  • Shoulder to neck - e"
2.  Cut out pieces-
  • The back piece should be of size d+3" X c"+1". If you need to hem it then add 1" to c. I didn't need to do it.
  • There will be 2 front pieces of size e+3" X c"+1". Again add another inch for hemming if needed.
  • And 2 sleeves of same size b+1" X a"+1". Add 1" to a for hemming. my sleeves did not have any curved shape, i just cut in a straight line.
3. Sewing-
  • And what i basically did was sew the shoulder of the 2 front pieces to the single back piece (right sides together). It took a lot of trial and error to get it right so be patient. And if you don't understand something then ask me.
  • Sew the sleeves to the main piece (right sides together).
  • Sew all the sides together.

Pardon my bad drawing ;( Sew the overlapped portion (1" from front and back both) Leave 1.5" on both sides for hemming.
Sew the arrowed or lined place (again 1")

4. The fourth step includes hemming all the raw edges. I only needed to hem the front pieces :D

The extra 1.5" in the front pieces was for hemming.

And voila, you have your own lace cardigan :D It is a bit difficult project for beginner as the fabric is lace which is stretchy. But i have seen that it was a really forgiving fabric.

Some tips:
1. Cut bigger as you can always make it smaller later on.
2. Hand sew it first it will A LOT. It doesn't have to be perfect.
3. Use paper below the fabric for sewing. It makes sewing it easier. Just pull the paper to remove it.

I hope you liked it :) If so, please leave a comment.
Thanks for reading.


Friday, 25 July 2014

DIY fabric bow belt :D

I am in love with bows <3 They make everything look great (okay, maybe i am exaggerating but you get the point :D) So i made this fabric belt with bow, its super cute and super easy and you don't have to be a sewing master to get it right :D

Items needed:

1. Fabric. (Any kind of fabric will do. I used black cotton fabric)
2. Matching thread.
3. Needle.
4. Sewing machine.
5. Snaps/hooks.


1. Measure you waist and add 6" to it. Cut out a rectangular piece of size waist+6" X 2 times the width+1". Mine was 33" X 3" (i.e. my waist measurement is 25" and i wanted a width of 1")

2. Fold over half an inch of fabric on both sides (large sides of rectangle) Iron it and sew/hot glue it on place. I used a sewing machine to do this but you can hand stitch it as well.

3. Make 3 tubes of sizes:
  • 1.5" X 4.5"
  • 1.5" X 3.5"
  • !.5" X 2"

4. Place the tubes over each other like this picture.

5. Pinch it in the middle and hand sew it. You can use hot glue as well but i prefer sewing it.

6. Place this bow on the end of the long strip of fabric we have sewn above. And hand sew it. You can use hot glue to do so too.

The end of the fabric belt should be in line with the start of the middle bow (right) 

7. Sew or hot glue snaps/hook.

And you get your very own DIYed fabric bow belt :D Easy right?
You can wear it with skirts, dresses, tunic etc. But yeah it is just for decoration, don't use it to hold up any clothing item.
To be honest you don't even need to sew anything. Just use hot glue and then it will be a no sew project :D

I hope you liked it and if so, please leave a comment :)
Thanks for reading :)


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

DIY easy/basic breezy off-shoulder tee and cropped tee

So, i made these easy breezy top which is quite summery. I made it as an off-shoulder top but its not necessary for you to do the same. It is an easy sew for those who just started sewing :D

Items needed:

1. Fabric (you should be able to fold it twice and still have half of your body and one arm covered) i used a cotton blend fabric and to be honest you can use any type of fabric with any print you want :)
2. Scissors.
3. Sewing machine. (You can hand-sew it as well)
4. Matching thread.
5. An old tee. (It doesn't need to be fitted)


1. Fold your fabric twice and lay your folded t-shirt over it. (The folds of t-shirt should be over the folds of fabric)
2. Cut it out. If you want it to be fitted then just add 1" to it for sewing (seam) and then cut. Otherwise, you can add inches to it according to how loose you want it to be. I made it quite loose.
And I also cut the neck hole. Again you can make it as big/deep you want but start small as you can always make it bigger.

3. Lay the two pieces together (wrong side together) and sew all around (shoulders, arms and sides).

4. Now this step is optional. If you need to hem your shoulders/bottom/sleeves/neck-hole you can do so. I didn't need to as my fabric was not fraying (yay me :D)

And ta-da that's it :D A super easy and super cute DIY top for your summer. And it looks good too. You can literally use any fabric to make this DIY top. I loved it so much that i made another top. I made the other one a bit shorter and whoa it looked great :D I have to wear tanks tops underneath both of these tops as they are both see-through.

You can make a normal sized neck-hole for a simple tee as well :)

My first try. I tuck it in my jeans/shorts and wear simple sandals.

Its shorter version. I must admit i wear this cropped version more.

 I hope you liked it :)
Please leave a comment if you liked it or couldn't understand anything :)
Thanks for reading :D


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lacey heart cut-out t-shirt D.I.Y.

I really dig heart cut-out shirts/top these days. They really make the shirt/top feel romantic. They are super sweet and super easy to make :)

For this tutorial all you will need is a top/t-shirt/shirt you would like to refashion, a pair of scissors, lace and the usual, thread and needle.

I actually don't use templates or patterns to make something, their directions are too much to follow ;(

1. I just folded the back (just the back) of my top in half and cut out a half heart. when straightened you will get a full heart. You can just leave it here or go further like i did.
2. I had some lace left over from when i made a lace cardigan so i used it to cover the heart (I am not too much of an open back fan) And sew it onto place by hand stitching first (the lace was kinda stretchy)
stitching it into place was a b**** :x

 3. It was a heart so i thought it would be more fun to use red thread to sew the lace and so i did :)

I really do like how it turned out but if i could redo it again i would have used red embroidery thread instead of the normal one. And I am officially in love with lace <3

I dig it <3
I hope you liked it. 
Thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you liked it, it will mean a lot to me :)


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Super easy scarf from t-shirt (no sew)

I just love DIY's. I get some sort of satisfaction by sewing things for myself. Its really easy and fun. I have made a lot of stuff for myself ranging from a scarf to a dress, the easiest one is the one in this post. You just need an old tee and a pair of scissors for this super easy and super quick DIY.

This is how the scarf will look.

My old tee (I absolutely loved its color and print)

Cut through the t-shirt. It depends on how thick you want your scarf to be.

This lower portion will be your scarf.

In my scarf you can't see the black band because i hid it. You might need to hem the edges if you want or need. In my case i didn't hemmed it simply because i didn't need to (there was no fraying)

Its a super easy DIY for beginners. If you guys liked it or if there is anything you want to request then comment below. The one below is my other blog where i posted an OOTD with my DIY's. If you would like to know more about those DIY's, do tell me.

Hope you liked it :)
Thanks for reading :)


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

White sauce sandwich (mmm.., delicious)

So my aunt asked me to cook something for her (face-palm, I can't cook), but being a really optimistic person i thought why not try? Being a lazy bum i chose an easy recipe. (easy and yum <3)
Well, here it is.

Ingredients needed:

1. Butter/Ghee - 3 tablespoon
2. Refined flour/Maida - 2 teaspoon
3. Milk - 3 cups
4. black pepper - however you like (I used 1 teaspoon)
5. Boiled sweet corn - 1.5
6. Grinded boiled corn - 0.5
7. Bread slices
8. Cheese

1.In a saucepan, melt the butter over medium low heat.
2. Add the flour and keep mixing till the raw smell of the flour is gone and a nice nutty aroma comes.
3. Add warm milk little by little and keep mixing the mixture.
4. Add salt, pepper and other optional ingredients (if you are adding) and bring it to a boil.
5. Simmer for 2-3 minutes and then add grinded corn and sweet corn to it.
6. Let it boil for 5 minutes or so and then let it cool. (It gets thick as it cools down)
7. Put a layer of it over a bread slice and grate the cheese over it.
8. Then put it in a sandwich maker. I personally like to make the sandwich in a pan using butter. And that's it :D

Super easy right? And damn its delicious :D I just love cheese <3

I hope you liked it.
Thanks for reading.